GAF Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System

A new roof can give your family added protection, but can also add eye-catching curb appeal and resale value. But don’t just settle for any roofing solution — have a new, superior-quality GAF roof installed instead. The GAF Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System offers the best in home protection, utilizes advanced roofing and shingle technology and features Golden Pledge and System Plus warranties for even longer-lasting roof defense.

The professionals at Brothers Aluminum are certified GAF Master Installers, guaranteeing residents of the five boroughs and Westchester Country a roof replacement that’s performed by knowledgeable and dependable technicians using the best tools and technology available. Contact us for premier roofing servies in:

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    What Makes GAF Timberland Shingles Special?

    GAF Timberland singles are the number one selling shingle in North America because of its combination of styles and advanced protection technology. To add style to your home, GAF offers affordable options in a variety of colors that are designed to mimic the look of stunning and timeless natural materials like wood and slate. The Timberline shingles are installed using a shadow band and applied with a feather technique to add dimension and variety to the roof appearance. With Timberline advanced protection, your home is provided with:

    • Wind Uplift Resistance
    • Sturdiness Coupled With Flexibility
    • Fire Resistance

    GAF Roofing Materials

    When you trust Brothers Aluminum with your new GAF roofing system installation, you’re guaranteed the finest and most dependable roofing application techniques and materials. We utilize a system that will add appeal to your exterior, protect your home for many years to come and improve overall energy efficiency. When installing your new roof, our certified technicians use the following GAF roofing materials:

    • Cobra Attic Ventilation: This component is an exhaust vent that allows excess heat and moisture to escape from your attic, which can improve energy costs and increase energy efficiency. Cobra ventilation is installed at the roof ridge to give your roof an uncluttered appearance.
    • Roof Deck Protection: With roof deck protection, your roof has an underlayment made from strong synthetic materials to ensure long-lasting performance. This material resists wrinkling and buckling to lay flatter and maintain the roof’s appearance. This layer protects your home against rain and high winds and allows moisture to escape that causes mold, mildew and structural damage.
    • Leak Barrier: Located between the shingles and roof deck, the leak barrier adds protection against leaks caused by roof settling and extreme weather conditions. Leak barriers are recommended for homes located in harsh climates like the Northeast.
    • Starter Strip Shingles: These are pre-cut shingles designed to speed up installation and includes an added adhesive strip that locks shingles in place to decrease the risk of shingle blowoff.
    • Ridge Cap Shingles: For added protection, ridge cap shingles are applied to both enhance and add depth to your roof while also guarding against leaks at hips and ridges.

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    When you’ve decided to install a new GAF Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System, call the certified professionals at Brothers Aluminum. We have over 40 years of home improvement experience and pride ourselves on offering friendly and helpful services using tested and durable GAF roofing materials. To schedule roofing services, call us today at 800-639-5665 or fill out our online contact form.

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