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For homeowners, there’s an overwhelming number of siding options to protect and personalize homes — like vinyl, wood, brick or stone. However, stucco is a popular siding option because of its durability, clean look and many design options.

Stucco is created from a mix of lime, silica sand and white cement. Homeowners can dye their stucco to any color they prefer, making the design options for stucco siding application nearly endless. Stucco siding can then be applied to the exterior of your home using different texture options for visual appeal, like cat face or lace texture and dash, sand, smooth, worm or Santa Barbara finishes.

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Benefits of Stucco Siding

Beyond its infinite design and finishing options, stucco siding also has the following structural benefits:

  • Long-Lasting and Durable: With proper application and maintenance, stucco siding can last at least 50 years. Stucco siding is able to last many years and survive variable climates because it contracts and expands according to weather conditions to minimize cracking.
  • Fire-Retardant and Weather Resistant: This special material is also naturally fire-resistant and protects your home against rot, mildew and mold growth.
  • Energy-Efficient: Stucco is naturally adept at insulating your home’s warm or cool temperatures. No matter the temperature outside, your stucco siding can maintain your home’s temperatures, saving you on monthly utility costs.
  • Sound Reduction: If you wish to block out noisy neighbors or a busy street, stucco siding is an ideal solution for the exterior of your home and can reduce unwanted sound pollution.

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Tips to Maintain Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is extremely durable and can last a lifetime. But to protect your investment and ensure optimal results, it’s best to keep the material properly maintained:

  • Experienced Installation: While stucco is not the most upfront-cost-friendly siding material, it is extremely long-lasting when installed by a professional. To ensure the lifespan of your stucco — to last 50 or more years — trust the expertise of a professional who has installed stucco and understands how the material responds in Northeastern climates.
  • Consistent Maintenance: Keep your stucco clean and free of any excessive debris buildup and watch your stucco throughout each season. While it can protect your home against moisture and the elements, it can become cracked or damaged. Cracks in your stucco can often occur when water penetrates the surface and then freezes. When you notice changes in your stucco, trust experts to properly repair the cracks to reduce the chances of further damage.
  • Professional Repair: While fixing stucco cracks may seem a simple do-it-yourself weekend project, trusting a professional can help you avoid unwanted and costly damage. To always ensure your stucco is in optimal shape, periodically call a professional to inspect the quality of your siding.

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