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Siding Contractors in Westchester County

When you’re searching for siding contractors in Westchester County who are trustworthy and offer professional grade artistry, Brothers Aluminum is your go-to. No matter the project at hand, it’s vital to partner with a company with the expertise to complete the job well and within your budget.

With our outstanding skills and experience, we deliver quality solutions that are done right the first time. As an Authorized Preservation Siding Contractor, we uphold 40 years of know-how in the industry and understand climate conditions and local trends. After learning about your expectations, we will know which siding is ideal for your specific needs.

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The Westchester County siding professionals at Brothers Aluminum continue to support homeowners in the area by helping them receive the look they want and the quality they expect. We are a family-owned and operated business that strives to build a relationship with all our customers. Our specialists understand typical problems people face and are quick to address them with appropriate resolutions.

Why Choose Brothers Aluminum?

As one of the top vinyl siding companies in Westchester County, we have decades of experience and stock the highest quality inventory. While Brothers Aluminum hires professionals first-hand, we also train them to increase their ability to keep up with modern techniques and deliver high-grade services.

We Offer Extensive Siding Options

When you need siding in Westchester County, it may be difficult to find someone who is willing to work with your requirements — but Brothers Aluminum gets to know your expected style and budgetary needs. With your suggestions and ideas in mind, our experts asses them in conjunction with factors such as climate. We then offer a cost-effective solution that is an ideal balance of your wants and needs.

Brothers Aluminum offers types of siding and solutions such as:

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    The Perfect Combination of Knowledge and Experience

    Throughout our decades of expertise in the industry, Brothers Aluminum has gained in-depth knowledge regarding siding and various environmental factors that affect our products. Our team handles complex projects with ease, and we work with you to determine the perfect solution.

    Brothers Aluminum prides itself on being customer-focused. We provide the best solutions to our clients in a hassle-free manner to meet high standards. Plus, we train our workers to follow our company values of work ethic, integrity and excellent customer service.

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    Siding Solutions That Boost Curb Appeal

    We know homeowners have different perspectives and styles when it comes to siding and the overall curb appeal of their house. Brothers Aluminum delivers professional services in siding no matter the look of your home, your style preferences or budget.

    We also understand curb appeal is one of the most critical aspects of your home because it makes for a unique exterior that gives you the appearance you want and it’s welcoming for guests. Curb appeal also leads to an increased home value if you’re considering selling your property.

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    We are a well-established family owned and operated company that offers long-term benefits to homeowners like you. Our solutions can help you increase your home’s resale value, be more energy-efficient, add curb appeal, maintain your home, implement protection and renew the look of your investment.

    Custom Vinyl Siding Solutions From Westchester County’s Leading Professionals

    New vinyl siding can elevate your home from a typical house on the block to a sophisticated and timeless residence that’s the envy of your neighbors for many years. The experienced and innovative professionals at Brothers Aluminum understand the specific needs of homeowners throughout Westchester County and work closely with all of our customers during a detailed in-home consultation. We’ll provide guidance and determine your unique household needs and recommend vinyl or stucco siding products that best accommodate your personal tastes, expectations and budget.

    What to Expect From Brothers Aluminum Vinyl Siding

    When you work with the team at Brothers Aluminum, you’ll never have to choose between siding performance and bold, beautiful finishes. Our team stocks and installs only the highest-quality and most dependable vinyl siding products — we work only with top-rated brands and products demonstrating proven performance and lasting finishes.

    Easily reimagine your home’s potential with new vinyl siding from Brother Aluminum, where you’ll benefit from:

    • Superior and Lasting Performance: All of our vinyl siding is specially crafted from the finest materials available with proven insulation excellence, lasting resistance against pests and moisture, and durability against harsh climates.
    • Exceptional Installation Techniques: Our widely experienced and professional installation technicians are fully trained and certified in the best vinyl siding installation techniques. For improved siding performance, we install an extra layer of underlayment to improve the lifespan and resistance of your vinyl siding to better withstand unexpected impacts.
    • Design Customization and Variety: Every Westchester County home is unique. To enhance your home’s existing architecture, all of our vinyl siding is completely customizable with a wide range of color options, designs and textures. For a warm, classic curb appeal, explore our vinyl siding available in wood grain textures and specially shaped to mimic cedar shakes or scalloped shingles.

    Westchester County Stucco Siding Installation

    When you desire a classic and clean aesthetic, look into the stucco siding available only at Brothers Aluminum.

    Stucco is growing in popularity for many Westchester County homeowners because of its design variety and long-lasting durability, with lifespans exceeding 50 years when well-maintained. Westchester can experience long, cool winters and blazing summers, and with stucco siding for your home, you’ll rest assured knowing that your home will be comfortable and well-protected against temperature extremes and moisture intrusion, and have exceptional energy efficiency.

    All of our stucco products are specially crafted for each individual project — and with a rainbow of color options and seven texturing styles available, there are nearly endless stucco design options, so you can truly have a unique-looking home.

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    Even More Home Improvement Options for Better Exterior Performance and Appearance

    Your Westchester home is constantly exposed to variable temperatures, direct sunlight and intense weather conditions. Having quality exterior materials helps keep your home protected and ensures lasting, bright finishes. Along with our exceptional vinyl siding products, we also provide the following products to improve siding performance and longevity:

    • Soffit: Installed on the underside of eaves and balconies, soffit is a crucial piece of siding that helps protect rafters and building materials from moisture that could cause rot or pest infestations.
    • Fascia: Along with soffit, fascia is responsible for reducing moisture intrusion in your home. Fascia is placed at the intersection where your home’s exterior walls and roofline meet, helping ventilate your home’s attic and keep the space dry to minimize mold growth, material rot and pests.

    Spruce Up Your Westchester County Home With Brothers Aluminum

    At Brothers Aluminum, we are a well-established, family-owned and operated company that offers long-term benefits to homeowners like you. Our solutions can help you increase your home’s resale value, be more energy-efficient, add curb appeal, maintain your home, implement protection and renew the look of your investment.

    Our team of knowledgeable and helpful professionals is dedicated to always providing quality products and personalized services to establish long-lasting and trusted customer relationships. To ensure we always offer the best solutions for Westchester County homeowners, all of our services are paired with free in-home consultations and project estimates and financing options.

    Call us at 1-800-NEW-LOOK, or contact us online to learn more or start your project.

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