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Beautiful, durable, versatile, low maintenance, cost-effective, ease of installation, affordable and environmentally friendly. Our wide selection of vinyl siding profiles, colors, and textures aim to exceed the expectations on the desired look of any home. Vinyl siding is lightweight, designed to resist heat, cold, and moisture, and has the ability to withstand high winds. Insulated siding provides the added benefit of improved energy efficiency. In its 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, Realtors® rated exterior projects among the most valuable home improvement projects. Vinyl siding ranked among the best for recouping cost at the time of resale – expected to return 78.2 %.

As an Authorized Preservation Siding Contractor, Brothers Premium Insulated Siding is an intelligent investment with countless returns. You’ll appreciate the savings from lower heating and cooling bills and the added comfort of a quieter home environment year-round. Tedious maintenance and the standard time associated to keep your siding looking clean and fresh is virtually eliminated. And, because of its enhanced color technology system, colors resist fading and weathering for a long-lasting, upscale appearance.

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Benefits of New Home Siding

Energy Savings and Comfort: Brothers Premium Insulated Siding’s .046″ panel thickness delivers year-round comfort and can help to reduce ever rising utility bills. Its industry-leading thick insulation – up to 1-1/2″ nominal thickness – is among the densest EPS foams available in a one-piece thermal siding system.

Durability:  The contoured one-piece insulation system fully supports each premium .046″ vinyl panel, keeping your vinyl cladding firmly in place and just as attractive as the day it was installed.

A Beautiful Installed Appearance: The 16′ 8″ extended length is 39% longer than conventional 12′ panels for a flawless appearance with fewer unattractive seams and unappealing overlaps.

Sure-Fit Locking Design: A patent-pending lock design delivers a tight, secure fit to keep unwanted moisture out of your home. This design also ensures your siding will deliver incredible strength and improved energy efficiency.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep: Premium vinyl combined with cutting-edge technology assure Brothers Premium Insulated Siding won’t chip, rot, blister or peel. Regular maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of other exterior sidings are virtually eliminated.

Added Comfort and a Healthier Interior: Brothers Premium Insulated Siding is 500% more breathable than other insulated systems. This means it won’t support the growth of mold or mildew or other moisture related problems.

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Of course, since siding isn’t something you have installed on a regular basis, you may not know where siding problems can occur and how to correct them. To help even the most seasoned homeowners spot siding issues, we’d like to share our insider’s knowledge regarding some specific siding hotspots, including siding fascia, soffit and vinyl siding seams.

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Siding Soffit and Fascia

Wherever your roof overhangs your house, you have under it what’s known in building terminology as a soffit: the underside that projects out from your home’s exterior walls to meet the roof’s edge. Soffit can be constructed from aluminum, wood or vinyl. From the street, you can barely see a home’s soffit. Walk up to the front door and look up, however, and you’ll get a clear look at one area where water damage, mold or cracks in your siding can become all too apparent.

It’s for this reason that vinyl siding soffit is such a popular choice among homeowners who want a low-maintenance material that still looks great.

Fascia siding is another specific part of your home’s exterior. This is the uppermost part of your exterior walls or top board that meets your roof line. It’s also where your lowest roofing shingles or tiles rest. Aesthetically, it acts as a top frame for your outer walls. Remember that if you’re looking to sell your home and your siding and fascia aren’t in good shape, potential buyers will notice this fact immediately. Again, vinyl is a popular choice for fascia siding, as it’s highly durable and therefore cost-effective.

It’s also important to note for your overall home’s structural integrity that a properly-installed soffit enables ventilation under your roof and through your attic. Fascia, on the other hand, is where most gutters are attached. Due to its exposure to water and moisture, it has to be in good shape, too.

Vinyl Siding Seams

Maybe you’ve seen warped siding on an old house. It’s unsightly and bad for insulation purposes. That’s why working with a professional home vinyl siding installer like Brothers Aluminum is so important. We know from decades of experience how to install vinyl siding so that no seams are visible. It’s just another aspect of our craftsmanship that results in more satisfaction and long-term protection for our clients.

Learn more about all our siding services, including lifetime transferable warranties, hurricane-resistant siding and high R-value performance. For a free, no-obligation estimate, simply contact us today. We proudly serve homeowner’s in:

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