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Are you looking for a durable and simple way to update your home’s appearance and incorporate your personal style into your exteriors? At Brothers Aluminum, we offer a variety of home trim and accessory options to make your home appear more welcoming and original — and to stand out amongst the other homes on your block. Our trim and accessories can be incorporated into any style, whether your home is inspired by Victorian, Colonial or Ranch styles, and are derived from handcrafted finishes often seen on America’s most stunning and classic homes.

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Add Character With Corner Posts and Vertical Columns

Do you feel that your home blends into the background or lacks character? When people mention character, they’re referring to that special detail that sets homes apart and adds a bit of individuality. By adding corner posts or vertical columns to your home’s exterior, you can give your home a large, grand appearance. These trim details help define the proportions of your home and can complete the overall design you’re hoping to achieve. At Brothers Aluminum, our corner posts and vertical columns are durable and weatherproof and available in a variety of colors to match your home’s existing scheme.

Louvers and Shutters to Add Definition and Style

Installing new shutters on your home is a quick, affordable way to add curb appeal and individuality to your home. Traditionally, shutters were the ideal solution for protecting your home against harsh climates, direct light or unwanted breezes, but today they’re mostly used as an eye-catching home decoration.

At Brothers Aluminum, we offer two attractive vinyl exterior options — including louver and traditional standout shutter styles. At Brothers Aluminum, we offer a wide selection of vinyl shutters available in many colors that are easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

A louver is a type of shutter that has a more defined appearance than a typical panel shutter. These shutters have angled slats that allow light and air to pass casually in and out of your home. Today, they’re a decorative solution to add definition, contrast and visual appeal and often complement homes with a more classic or casual appearance.

Understated Soffit Additions

Most homeowners probably don’t consider their home’s soffit or even know what soffit is. Soffit is the exposed siding under your roof’s overhang. While it’s not often noticeable from the street or as visually appealing as a flashy front door or windows and shutters, you shouldn’t overlook small home details like an attractive soffit.

While you may not notice the soffit from afar, it is easily seen once you approach the home. At Brothers Aluminum, we offer high-quality vinyl soffit options that are durable to avoid cupping or warping. Our soffit is also available in a variety of colors to either match your home’s current vinyl siding coloring or you can customize your soffit color to add a bit of personalization and stand out against the siding.

Spruce Up Your Home Exteriors With Brothers Aluminum

With some new home trim and accessory additions, your exteriors can stand out from your neighbors and complete your home’s design to match your personal aesthetic. At Brothers Aluminum, we have over 40 years of experience sprucing up the exteriors of homes located throughout the five boroughs, Westchester County and Connecticut. In addition to our vertical column, shutter and soffit options, we also offer window and entryway installations and design features like gables and scalloping.

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