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Trim and Accessories

Add defining details to your family’s home with eye-catching trim and accessories. In addition to offering trim to complement your windows and entryways, we also provide a variety of accessories for you to choose from, including corner posts, vertical columns, louvers, j-blocks, shutters and soffits. Each delivers several benefits, such as maintenance-free shutters, weather-resistant soffits and air-tight trims.

Doors, Porticos, Patios

Curb appeal. Curb appeal. Curb appeal.

Quality fiberglass doors are particularly strong and have locking capabilities that surpass older wood doors. Their new designs are layered to resist forced entry. Upgrading your door means upgrading your home security.

Lend grandeur to your home by accentuating the entry area with the addition of a portico. Offering practical elements like protecting the entrance way from the sun and rain, a portico will also improve the look of the exterior by accentuating your home’s unique architectural detail.

Aesthetically pleasing, Patios are solid surfaces, sloped to allow water to flow off into your yard with almost no maintenance and a very long lifespan.

Basement Remodeling

With over 40 years of home improvement experience, Brothers Aluminum can provide you with design options and help you transform your basement instead of keeping it as a dark, unused space! By remodeling your basement, you can add value to your home. You may also save some money by not moving to a larger home or building a whole new addition.

With all of our services, we offer courteous customer service and innovative solutions that will fit your home and budget needs.


Explore all the possibilities of your home’s design with our interactive and innovative design showroom, available through GAF and Alside. With GAF, you’re free to try out different roofing, exterior walls and house features, while Alside gives you the tools to discover siding and window options for your home. Our team can guide you through the process, helping you choose a beautiful set of exterior features for your new or renovated residence.

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