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Brothers Aluminum, a family-owned and operated business, has a strict work ethic that focuses on providing high-quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our windows in Long Island can increase curb appeal and boost energy efficiency, whether you require simple replacements or need to install brand-new windows in a unique area of your home. We have 40 years of expertise in the home improvement industry and we aim to maintain our reputation by providing premium services at affordable rates.

Our professionals observe the interior and exterior décor of your home to ensure our installation will blend with the existing style. We work carefully to avoid damaging other areas, and we work with you one-on-one to determine the best solution.

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    Why Prefer Brothers Aluminum?

    As your superior window installation contractor in Long Island, Brothers Aluminum customizes every project to the needs, style and budget of our clients. We listen to your ideas and combine them with our expertise to form ideal resolutions. From Farmingdale and Port Jefferson to Huntington and Hempstead, our windows enjoy a strong reputation among homeowners because we go above your expectations on every level and we earn our reputation through consistent hard work and customer satisfaction.

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    We Offer Custom Solutions for a Diverse Clientele

    Replacement windows in Long Island, NY, from Brothers Aluminum are not the same from house to house. We never suggest the same solution because we know every owner has specific requirements and styles including double-hung, bay, bow, and more. With four decades of experience, we understand the varying conditions of each homeowner, so we tailor our solutions to each customer’s wishes instead of settling for something ready-made. Our experts collaborate with you while implementing our knowledge into the mix.

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    Pay Less on Your Energy Bills

    When you rely on proper installation techniques from Brothers Aluminum, your replacement windows in Long Island can reduce your energy bills. Our window solutions increase energy efficiency by eliminating previous leaks, which helps your HVAC system not work as hard. Instead, your heating and cooling systems can maintain a consistent temperature with ease, helping you save money.

    We Help You Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Curb appeal is a significant factor when you look at your return on investment. By updating the exterior — as well as interior — of your home with our window options, you can enjoy an ROI of as much as 90 percent and greatly improve your home’s first impression on visitors. New or replacement windows may be a small change, but they make a huge difference regarding appearance.

    Enjoy a More Comfortable Home

    New windows aren’t just good for your home’s exterior — they’re good for everyone who lives in it, too. Today’s residential window glass is more efficient than ever before and better at keeping out dust and allergens that can cause discomfort. Replacing your windows is one of the best things you can do to improve indoor air quality.

    Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

    Another benefit to new windows? They’re better at deadening sound. If, like many Long Island residents, you live in a densely populated area, or near a busy highway, a new window installation is a great way to make your home a more peaceful place. And when you’d rather let in the fresh air, doing so is fast and easy.

    Make Cleanup Simple

    Windows can quickly accumulate grime and dirt, in addition to smears on the glass. While technology is yet to invent a self-cleaning window, smart design can make the process faster and a lot less painful. Many of the new windows we sell are engineered to provide convenient access to hard-to-reach spaces — and simplify the cleanup process as a result.

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    New Windows Provide Safety and Peace of Mind

    Windows are a critical point of entry in any home. While most homeowners don’t feel the need to put up bars or locks, a window that is reliable and easy to close from the inside will help ensure your property stays secure. If additional safety measures are needed, we can recommend a system that’s right for your home and priced for your budget.

    New Windows Are a Chance to Reimagine Your Home

    Clearly, there are many benefits to replacing your home’s windows. However, a new window installation is more than just a way to enhance your comfort, improve efficiency or add value to your property — it’s also a chance to reimagine how your home looks and functions. Consider using this opportunity to change things up with bright bay windows or increased sunlight exposure.

    The possibilities are endless when you work with Brothers Aluminum, Long Island’s window installation experts. We can suggest products and designs that will make sense of your home and fit your budget. Whether you have a strong vision for how you want your space to look or are open to suggestions, we’ll put together a comprehensive turnkey plan that gets the job done right.

    Window Installation Options

    As a homeowner, there are few limits to your options when replacing your windows or making other exterior upgrades. Casement windows and double-hung windows are two of the most popular styles — casement windows feature a single-hinged pane that opens outward, whereas double-hung windows feature two panes of glass that slide open. Both styles are easy to use and to clean, and allow for excellent ventilation, with or without a screen.

    Other options include bay windows, sliding windows, awning windows and specialty shapes. In addition to the window design, however, you also need to consider the type of frame material, whether it’s wood, fiberglass or vinyl, and the color and cladding, if applicable. One of the benefits of working with a professional window installer is that they can present you with several options and help you make an informed choice.

    What to Consider

    There are several questions to ask yourself and your contractor when planning to replace your home’s windows. Some of the most critical include:

    • What is my budget? In Long Island, window replacements can be expensive. However, in many cases, spending extra now gives you a higher quality product that will deliver better long-term value.
    • What is my timeline? A new window installation isn’t a huge job, but it does involve a good deal of disruption to your daily life. Though we endeavor to turn around even large projects quickly and without compromising quality, you need to be realistic about how long a project will take and how your family will manage while the work is in progress.
    • Replace or reuse? Upgrading your windows doesn’t have to involve a full replacement of every component. Often, we can keep costs and times down by preserving the original frames, sills, jambs and other components. There are pros and cons to both approaches — as part of our consultation process, we’ll go over all the possibilities and provide a detailed quote.

    There are many window replacement contractors in Long Island, but few of them are as committed to working closely with homeowners as Brothers Aluminum. We understand that window replacement isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition — often, there are several ways to go about it based on a customer’s priorities and budget. Count on us for transparency, professionalism and excellent communication as you make these important decisions.

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    We are a family-owned company that provides professional-grade workmanship. Brothers Aluminum offers valuable window solutions and our specialists encourage long-term partnerships with each of our clients. We make sure to work with you at each step, whether you need new or replacement windows to improve the resale value of your home, enrich energy efficiency or enhance curb appeal. Call us at 1-800-NEW-LOOK to learn more, or you can contact us online to start your window project!

    Ready to get started? Use the contact form below to reach out to our head office. Based in Valley Stream, NY, we proudly provide new window installations throughout Long Island, including Suffolk County and Nassau County, Queens County, and Westchester County.

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