Roofing Installer


Job Responsibilities:

  • Inspect problem roofs to determine the best repair procedures
  • Set up scaffolding to provide safe access to roofs; assemble temporary equipment or structures.
  • Estimate materials and labor required to complete roofing jobs.
  • Replace damaged or rotting joists or plywood
  • Install vapor barriers or layers of insulation
  • Install shingles, asphalt, metal, or other materials to make the roof watertight
  • Align roofing materials with edges of the roof
  • Cut roofing materials to fit around walls or vents
  • Cover exposed nail or screw heads with roofing cement or caulk to prevent leakage
  • Be familiar with GAF Golden Pledge Installation

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Self-starter, positive, enthusiastic, goal oriented and having the desire to exceed expectations 
  • Persistence, results driven, time-management, customer service, high level of energy, organized, professionalism, ability to learn product knowledge and positive outlook.

Benefits and Compensation Plan:

  • Comprehensive training in the home improvements industry along with proper coaching, mentoring and continuous support
  • Salary


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