Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

The heart of just about any home is its kitchen. Of course, because we use our kitchens so much, from early mornings through late nights, they also endure a great deal of wear and tear. Plus, as times and tastes change, so do our opinions of how we’d like our kitchens to look and perform.

It’s not surprising then that many homeowners make common mistakes when remodeling a kitchen. To help you avoid these errors and get even more excited about your new kitchen, we’ve put together this list of common kitchen remodeling mistakes.

Appliances: Cheapest Doesn’t Mean Best

Many homeowners purchase the cheapest model in the store only to find out later that the reason the appliance was cheaper was because it’s not as energy-efficient or as durable as other models. It’s wiser to check closely for a good ENERGY STAR® rating as well as warranty details when selecting your major appliances. The savings you’ll enjoy in the long run on energy and repairs or replacements will far outweigh any sticker price differences.

Electrics: Never Forget to Power-Up

One thing homeowners often overlook when choosing tiles, countertops and flooring is the state of their electrical wiring and outlets in their kitchen area. New appliances might be energy-efficient, but we use more electrical devices than ever before. That’s why it’s smart to have your kitchen’s electrical system checked out and upgraded if necessary.

Lighting: Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Along with upgrading your electrical system, one of the most noticeable yet often-overlooked upgrades in a kitchen remodel is the lighting. And this shouldn’t just be about lighting fixtures, but also about windows and natural light sources.

Design: Practical and Timeless Is Better Than Trendy

You don’t want to look at your kitchen’s layout, fixtures and appliances in a couple of years and think, “Why did I go with that trend?” Timeless, practical materials and designs are always the smarter choice when you want your kitchen to remain beautiful and retain its value.

Budget: It Doesn’t Hurt to Plan on Extras

Because there’s plumbing involved, there can also be water damage, rot or some other unpleasant surprise when you start ripping out countertops and tiling. So it’s highly advisable to plan into your budget the likelihood of some unforeseen expenses before you start remodeling. The last thing you want is to have a problem occur and then not have the funds to correct it properly while the time is right.

Results: Not Working With a Professional Can Cost You

Probably the number-one mistake homeowners make is not working with a professional remodeler. Always remember that the secret to any successful remodeling project is to avoid rushing into major decisions without being properly informed. Get the right information and help you need to make the project a success, and you’ll wind up adding value to your home instead of emptying your wallet!

If you want the experience, craftsmanship and know-how that comes with over 40 years of doing kitchen remodels right, then you want the best-in-class service of Brothers Aluminum. We are proud to serve homeowners in Long Island, including Suffolk County and Nassau County, Queens County, and Westchester County. Our numerous awards and A+ Better Business Bureau Rating are the results of our constant commitment to tailor what we do to seamlessly fit the needs of your home.

For more information on quality kitchen design and remodeling, simply contact us today.


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