Siding Contractors Offer Expert Tips on Resolve Common Siding Problems

According to siding contractors, having high quality and durable siding does not mean you neglect looking for signs of damage. You still need to be proactive about siding maintenance by inspecting your home’s siding at least once every month. Failure to spot signs of trouble can mean bigger problems for you in the future. Siding contractors have come together to provide you with expert tips to resolve the following common siding problems:

Buckling or Warping ­– Improperly installed siding causes the panels to warp, buckle, and loosen and fall off from the side of your house. It is important to hire siding contractors with knowledge on how to properly install each type of siding. Is there a solution? Yes, a siding contractor who know what they doing, they say.

Moisture – With vinyl siding, it is important to place a barrier between the siding and your home to prevent moisture from penetrating and damaging your home. The downside is that once the vinyl siding is installed, you will not know if your siding contractor installed a barrier. Therefore, siding contractors emphasize that homeowners do not opt for cheap, but for quality.

Mold – A white powdery with black spots or a gray substance can grow on your siding. If you spot signs of mold growth, seek help, as it can worsen with time. Mold growth occurs when moisture becomes trapped. Houses near shrubs and bushes have an increased chance for mold growth. If mold growth is not an issue yet, trim the bushes and shrubs. If mold growth is still present even after, consult with your siding contractor.

Flashing – Flashing prevents moisture from penetrating the siding. Common places you will find siding are around the windows, doors, and along the roofline. If flashing sustains damage, it will be visible. Call your local siding contractor if you find an issue with the flashing. Failure to call them on time can result in major damage to your home.

Most siding contractors recommend you seek professional help if you encounter any of the problems above. That is good advice, given DIY solutions do not always work in resolving siding issues, increase your costs, take more time, and in the end, lead you to consult a siding contractor.

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