What Happens When You Hire Unreliable Roofing Companies? You Call Us!

We have received several phone calls from worried homeowners, complaining about the work of a previous roofing contractor who did a poor job in installing, replacing, or repairing their roof. Some of the problems we have heard over the years include:

Low Quality Roofing Materials – All roofing companies promise to install the best shingle, but not all deliver. Then again, some homeowners make the mistake of selecting a roofing contractor that offers them the cheapest bid. Affordability matters, but so does quality. Forgoing crucial materials like leak barriers and sealants can cause severe damage to your home.

Improper Roof Installation – Even if roofing companies offer to install the best material available on the market, it does not mean they are a roof installation expert. You need to select a roofing company based on the type of material they provide as well as the years of experience they have under their belt.

Quick and Easy Work – Some roofing companies consider chimney flashings as an element design instead of function, leading them to cut corners by sealing it with caulk. Over time, caulk can chip away and break down and open a passage for water to seep into the home via the flashing. Make sure to ask your roofing contractor to make your chimney, wall, or skylight waterproof.

Unbalanced Attic Ventilation System – Prior to installing the roof, an efficient and responsible roofing contractor would ask to inspect the attic to address the attic ventilation system. Since the tri-state area experienced hot, summer months as well as cold, winter months, inadequate ventilation can cause damage, moisture buildup, and the formation of ice dams.

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Having serviced over 60,000 homes on Long Island and the Tri-State area, it is guaranteed customer satisfaction that has allowed Brothers Aluminum to grow from a siding company to a full service home remodeler. Today, we proudly offer our extensive knowledge based on decades of experience that ensures your home makeover will be stunning and budget friendly.

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